Improve the relationship with your customers

With z-app, you will be able to create your own customer database or you will be able to import it in customizable forms. The information of your choice will be saved in there to give your customers a special care. For you, z-app will remember every detail concerning them in a confidential and safe way. Thanks to that, z-app will suggest you to follow visually the evolution of your customers with statistics. And why not activate an automatic SMS for their birthday? z-app will also be able to modernize your loyalty system by replacing paper cards with a tablet at your customers disposal.

Let our professional planner conquer you

Don't let your customers forget their appointments.
z-app will make sure of that by reminding them with SMS notifications in case of change. Surely, everything can be set up. Are you more than one to work? Perfect! SMS are customizable and will be different depending on the person in charge of the appointment.
You will also be able to define a customer's degree of appreciation. If he doesn't show up at an appointment, even after SMS reminders, for example. You probably don't want that to happen again.

Contact your customers in a reliable way

With an opening rate of about 95%, z-app uses SMS to ensure to join at every moment and in a viable way every Customer or group of customers. Create easily your own filters so you will be able to join your customers quickly with grouped SMS sendings. Customers who haven't made an appointment in 2 months for example - or all of your customers, indeed.
You can even chat with your customers thanks to the conversations interface, allowing you to respond to SMS your customers send to your dedicated z-app phone number and to customize an automatic answer the way you want.

Allow your customers to make appointments by themselves

Save some time by asking your customers to make appointments by themselves via Internet.
We know your work ethic is unique. z-app will impose your appointments preferences, but also the duration and staff members depending on the services they choose. Availabilities are synchronized in real time with your z-app planner and the follow-up will be taken care of via automatic SMS.
Obviously, your appointments details will never be public and will only appear as unavailable.
With z-app, you will be able to focus on what you do best: your work.'

Designed by and for its users

We always listen to our customers. That's why z-app is so easy to use and no training is required to master it.
Finally, z-app isn't only limited to one workstation. You can login from any tablet, smartphone, computer connected to the Internet.

But also...

  • Free e-mail and phone support
  • Confidentiality of your datas
  • Automated daily backups of your datas
  • Automatically and frequently updated
  • Easy administration and entirely customizable
  • No user limit
  • Import and export your data easily
  • Staff member clocking